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Vitae Pilates

Train to develop a strong core, lean body, and assist with special conditions in a fully equipped pilates studio right here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin!

All ages and fitness levels welcome!

  • CORE

    Work to strengthen your core throughout the reformer session. Pilates works to strengthen your whole body with an emphasis on the core.


    Pilates will help improve your flexibility and help you to feel rebalanced after each session. 


    Pilates will help strengthen your muscles and is known for helping you feel lengthened and elongated by consistently doing pilates.


Pilates is for anyone from 9 to 99 years and is great for people with various body needs. Whether your goal is to get back in shape, complement your current exercise program, or ease the symptoms of a specific condition, I will help to develop a program that is right for you.


Vitae Pilates offers 50 minute classes or private sessions on reformers and other Pilates apparatus. The most popular option is the Class 10 Pack where clients work with other clients of a similar level to achieve their desired results.

Private Session

  • Single Session: $90
  • 10-Pack : $850

Duo Session

  • Single Session: $100
  • 10-Pack : $950

Trio or Quad Session

  • Trio $120
  • Quad $140

$99 / Hour

Classes Up to 4 people

  • Single Session: $40
  • 10-Pack : $350


Pilates has helped me to fully develop my core strength as well as balance out the toning in my arms, legs and back. Leslee does a phenomenal job at adjusting workouts to what your body needs, whether it's simple muscle stiffness or recovering from an injury. I have chronic neck problems and she always checks in with me at the beginning of every session to make sure we are strengthening or stretching to the degree I'm capable I'm at that day. She is a fun instructor and knows how to encourage you to do your best at every session.

Kato W.

I've had chronic low back pain for years after having children - bending and twisting were a problem...pilates has helped me strengthen my deeper core muscles so that it's not an issue anymore. Leslee explains everything very well and changes up my weekly workouts so each session is unique.

Karissa L.